Digital/Social Designer

From Oregon to Florida; here is a bit of my work combining sports, content, and social:

In February of 2022, I began working as the Assistant Director of Creative for Duke Football. In this role, I created content for our social/web channels and recruiting purposes through photography, videography, graphic design, and motion design. 
Our objective was to creatively tell stories leading to an increase in fans, donors, and recruits while building the Duke football brand. 
All work on this page was created by me.
Our 3-person creative team has been responsible for immense growth across all Duke football social channels.
I personally have taken the lead on our TikTok account where we grew from 0 followers to over 130k in under 10 months. This ranks us in the top 10 nationally across official college football accounts. 
Win Posters
Sample of Social Graphics
Sample of Opponent-Specific "Duke Wins" Content
Sample of Social Interstitials
Sample of Social Videos
Sample of Game Photos

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